Will The Announcement Of Source 2 Reveal Half Life 3? 0 384

Will The Announcement Of Source 2 Reveal Half Life 3? 0 384

If you have had the pleasure of playing any of the games from the Half-life series then you will understand the frustration when I say “when is Half-Life 3 coming?”.

There is no denying that Half life is one of the most successful gaming titles to of ever graced our lives providing one-hell of a gripping story-line that kept us coming back for more time and time again, one thing that has always been evident is that a new Half Life installment happens around the time Valve comes up with a new engine, normally so they can show off their new creation in all of its glory.

Lets take Half Life 2 for example, it was released not long after Source was announced, when Valve made improvements to the game engine and added HDR lighting effects (coincidentally right around the time they released Day of defeat 2) they also released Half Life: Episode One, it was not really a full game but more of an extra chapter that allowed them showed off their ‘shiny new lighting effects’.

Valve recently announced their new source 2 engine at GDC this month, This comes 11 years after Valves original source engine was released back in 2004 which has been accountable for many a smash hit titles such as Left 4 Dead, Gary’s Mod and even Counter Strike amongst others.

As a mature gamer that was lucky enough to be graced by both of the Half Life titles and arguably the best game titles of all time, I feel I speak for the entire PC gaming community when I say “Will we ever see a Half Life 3?”, As one desperate gamer out of millions around the world, I have never been so eager for a sequel to be announced, the question is Gaben, is it in the works?

But all good things must come to an end

As with all things, Home Alone, World of Warcraft, Tamagotchi’s, Pokemon cards – All good things must come to an end, but is it Half Life’s time to fade away into a retro memory we all cherish and tell our children about? I don’t think it has. Half life has a very dynamic story line with many potential paths that could be explored. The game has always been very much about pushing current technology to its limits, making our jaw drops while providing immense physics and a jaw dropping story-line that always leaves us asking more questions – much like the ending of L.O.S.T.

No matter what direction Valve potentially took with Half Life 3, if they were really smart and kept what made half life unique in the first place – the futuristic feel with mind-blowing ‘futuristic graphics’ then the franchise could only go on to be even greater than it is, on the other hand if they made a mistake they could kill the franchise forever.

How many of you would sign a petition and donate $1 to try and persuade Valve to create Half Life 3? I know I would!

Andy has been building custom PCs since the young age of 10, Now 27, when he is not overclocking, gaming or travelling the world surfing, he persues a passionate career in web development.

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