Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Now! 0 450

Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Now! 0 451

With April Fools’ Day coming round the corner, not many pranks turns out to be funny. However, Google has done it with the fun factor by enabling Pac-Man on Google Maps.

If you head over to Google Maps you can find the Pac-Man button on the bottom right hand corner where you usually find the Google Earth button.

Once you have selected the Pac-Man game, the screen will turn into a modern look of the game where the roads on the map gets converted into your course.

On the left hand side of the screen, it shows you the instructions on how to play the game. The arrow keys are all you need to use to start and maneuver yourself around. The picture below shows this.

Pac Man google maps arrow keys

You can exit the game and choose all the different towns, cities or neighbourhood that you wish to play on. However different maps can cause difficulties in the controls. When I have tested this, turning left and right is proving to be rather difficult when the roads are slightly angled as you may have mistaken it to be an up or down turn. On roundabouts you do not even need to hold onto the left or right button as it will just stay on course.

On the screenshots, I have used the the city center map of where I live and it is not as complicated as you think. For easier mode, I’m sure a lot of American city centers have a lot of grid looking maps.

Pac Man on Google Maps

What Google has given us for April Fools has certainly kept us entertained with a retro game that kept us busy for hours. The very limited music has definitely taken me back in time!

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