Nintendo Breaks Sales Record with Super Smash Bros Wii U 0 420

Nintendo Breaks Sales Record with Super Smash Bros Wii U 0 420

Arguably one of the most anticipated games to come to Wii U aside from the upcoming Zelda game, Super Smash Bros has made an almighty roar onto the video gaming market, smashing Nintendos previous record.

The holder of the previous record was Mario Kart 8, but Super smash bros has obliterated that selling 490,000 copies on the first day!

Does Super Smash Bros Live up to the Hype?

I was there queuing up at midnight to get my hands on Super smash bros the moment it was released, I was like a little child waiting to open its presents driving home with an eager excitement that filled my entire body.

As I got home I threw my coat off Bruce Almighty style, tore the plastic wrapping on the game box, inserted the disc into my Wii U console and fell on the floor immediately… you get the gist.

Initial thoughts on game play are great, much like Mario Kart 8, the feel, controls and overall point of the game is the same as previous versions, blow your friends up using an array of different gaming icons from past years.

Online mode will change Super Smash Bros forever

I was glued to my gamecube when Super smash bros come out then, the one thing I always thought was how great the game would be if it had an online mode and now it does! Nintendo are onto a right winner here.

A good majority of successful games are competitive in one way or another, on a competitive scale of 1 – 10 with one being the least competitive and 10 being the most, Super smash bros stands at 11.

Being such a competitive game with an online mode, Super smash bros is going to go far. After just 15 minutes of playing I was totally hooked shouting obscenities at my TV screen – good fun.

Charizard is OP

If you havent played with Charizard yet – DO IT! he is as op in SSB as he was in Pokemon red and blue days!

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