Leaked Intel Road Map Confirms Broadwell Coming Q3 2015 0 490

Leaked Intel Road Map Confirms Broadwell Coming Q3 2015 0 490

As much as Broadwell is new processor technology, early reports suggest its only 5% faster than current generation Haswell architecture CPUs. I think it’s fair to say that it might be worth waiting for Skylake-S.

Intel’s roadmap leaked by pconline and details that Desktop based Broadwell processors will be released Q2 2015 with two desktop processors an three mobile processors core clock speeds ranging from 2.8Ghz to 3.8Ghz and DDR3-1600 support.

There have been various leaks over the past weeks which have confirmed that Broadwell chips will be quad core, socket 1150, 14nm, 65w TDP and all feature Intel’s integrated 6200 Iris graphic that would align perfectly with energy-efficient sff media centers.

Although this latest Intel leak confirms that the Core i7-5775C (3.3Ghz / 3.7ghz) and Core i5-5675C (3.1Ghz / 3.6ghz) will both feature unlocked multiplier’s, only time will tell how far we can push these new chips.

While 5% is not much of a performance increase, the new 14nm manufacturing process is great for overclockers

Broadwell Specifications
CPU Name Core i7-5775CCore i5-5675CCore i7-5775RCore i5-5675RCore i5-5575R
Cores / Threads4/84/44/84/44/4
Memory SupportDDR3-1600DDR3-1600DDR3-1600DDR3-1600DDR3-1600
Integrated GraphicsIris Pro 6200Iris Pro 6200Iris Pro 6200Iris Pro 6200Iris Pro 6200
Unlocked MultiplierYesYesNoNoNo

Considering the trustworthy source, if reports are to believed then we can expect Intel to release new Broadwell processors in the next 2 – 3 months, with Skylake-S coming just a few months later with Core i7-6700 and unlocked Core-i7 6700K.

With the heat building up around AMD’s new 14nm 32 thread Zen processors, I think this year could be a great year for overclockers especially considering the new ‘cooler’ 14nm manufacturing process.

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