Intel Has Released New Information On 10 nm Cannonlake CPUs 1 566

Intel Has Released New Information On 10 nm Cannonlake CPUs 1 567

Intel has released one of the company famous road-maps recently, showing the development plans for their CPU’s for the next few years. Among other interesting developments, Intel has revealed that they are planning to release 10 nm CPU’s in 2017, code-named Cannonlake.

Intel has yet to release true Broadwell processors yet, which will most likely have impressive performance gains over current generations performance. This means Cannonlake processors should have absolutely incredible performance gains! It remains to be seen whether Intel will release any further information on Cannonlake, but if recent launches are any signal, detailed news about Cannonlake will come in late 2016.

The new Cannonlake processors will most likely come out in stages, similar to how Broadwell has been being released (tick/tock)- starting with mobile processors before the official release date. This usually means 1-2 quarters before desktop release, and working up to the desktop Extreme Edition processors in 2017, which is the official release date.

Cannonlake To Bring Up To 30% Performance Gains Over Haswell

These new 10 nm processors will probably be quite a lot faster than current Haswell-E processors, from the improved manufacturing process alone. This is because of the performance increase from die shrinks- every time you go down in nm’s, the performance will go up. The 10 nm process is going to be three generations newer than Haswell-E’s 22 nm, and with 5-10% improvement per generation, will total around 20-30% faster than Haswell per core.

This means that, while the i7 5960x is an incredible CPU, just think of it with up to 30% more performance per core! Or, in other words, up to 240% more performance! This could be amazing for all kinds of workloads, and could work wonders for the lower end CPU models as well, such as i5 or i3 offerings, with up to double the performance for even these lower-end models!

While the new CPU’s are one heck of a thing to look forward to, Broadwell has yet to come out, and Cannonlake is scheduled for 2017, so it is going to be a while before we actually see this kind of performance. Still, it is exciting to see Intel looking this far forward, and releasing the, albeit limited, information to the public!

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