Intel Confirms Skylake is Coming for 2H of 2015! 0 392

Intel Confirms Skylake is Coming for 2H of 2015! 0 393

Very recently, Intel released information not only hinting at, but fully revealing that the expected release of Skylake is going to be Q3 or Q4 of 2015! This means that Broadwell will be coming very soon, and perhaps DDR4 for consumers!

Rumours point to massive amounts of cores! And great overclocking…

The rumours of intels Broadwell lineup are impressive when it comes to energy savings, but pale in comparison to what Skylake is rumoured to have. Some early speculation points at DDR4 in consumer and enthusiast-grade hardware, as well as anywhere from 2 cores all the way to 24 core chips being possible. The 24 core chips will more than likely be Xeons, rather than i7 models, but that is still very impressive. To think that some systems could have 48 threads on a single CPU is mind-boggling! And in the i7 line, perhaps a 10 or 12 core i7 is in order. The overclocking on a 12 core CPU would be great, as well as on the other chips in the line if Intel keeps up the Devil’s Canyon ideal. It will be great to see what the new chips will be like, and what kinds of records will be set!

Impressive performance increases for all

The consumer grade chips will only be getting better, as we move from Haswell to Broadwell to Skylake. If Intel keeps up their game with IPC and other improvements, Skylake could be 20-30% faster than the current Haswell-R CPU’s are. That is one incredible boost, for only 1 year between the release of both architectures!

DDR4 for consumers?

For consumers, the rumours are very good to think on- will Skylake be the first consumer grade chips to have DDR4 support? Or will AMD beat Intel to the chase with their new “Zen” architecture? Perhaps this will finally mean DDR4 will become much better priced, similar to how DDR3 went down in price as DDR3 became increasingly popular. Let us know what you think in the comments below- will Intel release the first DDR4 CPU’s for consumers? Or will it be AMD? Will DDR4 come down in price anytime soon?

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