Intel Confirms Rumored Next-Generation Xeon Phi Processor 0 487

Intel Confirms Rumored Next-Generation Xeon Phi Processor 0 487

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Intels new next-generation processors but the curtain has been lifted with Intel confirming rumors of its new Xeon Phi Processor – code-named ‘Knights Landing‘ pumping out more than 3 teraflops of computing power at its peak.

Intels new server-focused CPU will feature new high-speed fabric technology called “Intel Omni Scale Fabric” and will use 16GB of memory. IOSF is based on Hybrid Memory Cube technology and is said to deliver 15 times more bandwidth than DDR3 ram and 5 times more bandwidth than DD4 all while being less power-hungry and taking up less space in the pc case.

As you can see from the Intel Omni Scale promotional video, they say it will address performance, reliability, power and density requirements which will pave the way for increased work load being delivered, which is great news for simulation programs used in modern science and for all you folders out there.

There is still a lot of speculation over the amount of CPU cores the Knight Landing processors will have exactly, but one thing is for sure, Knights Landing CPU’s will be available for use by commercial manufacturers in the 3rd quarter of 2015

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor [Infographic]

The late half of 2015 will see the arrival of a Xeon Phi coprocessor which will go hand in hand with the socketed version utilising the PCIx bus and features the same 22nm Tri-Gate transistor technology as the Intel Ivy Bridge processor but will utilise 50 cores and at least 8GB of GDDR on-board RAM.

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