Highlights from Computex Tradeshow in Taipei 0 453

Highlights from Computex Tradeshow in Taipei 0 454


The Computex Tradeshow in Taipei is one of the biggest in Asia, with almost all of the top Asian manufacturers showing up to announce some new products. Intel, Microsoft and a few other Western companies were at the tradeshow to announce products and discuss the future.

Plenty of announcements were made at the Computex event and the big features were 4K displays, gaming machines, mobile processors and a collection of new technologies on battery life and sustainable energy in devices.

Computer Built Into a Desk


Lian LI have been teasing the PC desk for some time now and it finally arrived at Computex, while not the most innovative or hyped product, we thought it was a nice place to start on the highlights and really shows some of the features you can see at this event.

The desk has a full aluminium construction with tempered glass to see the inside of the desk, where all the PC components will sit. This is a gamers dream, even though the desk is raised a little high and the buyer will need to acquire a high-up chair.

Lian LI has split the desk into two models, the DK-01 and DK-02. DK-01 has enough space for one monitor or two at a push and the DK-02 has enough space for three monitors, a lot more space for components, the keyboard and mouse.

The DK-02 will price at around $1200 and comes with enough room for an incredible PC. We are not sure if it is really worth it, the feature is one of a kind but is definitely only for those who have dreamt about these type of cases.

Acer Unveils First 4K Monitor with G-Sync

Acer was out in force, considering Taipei is in their home country of Taiwan we expected no less. The biggest announcement we got a chance to look at was the new 28-inch XB280HK monitor, the first to use Nvidia’s new tool G-Sync on a 4K display. acer-g-sync-monitor

This ticks all the boxes for anyone who wants high quality gaming and if 4K just is a bit too expensive, Acer announced the 27-inch ROG Swift PG278Q running a 2560 x 1440 resolution with G-Sync included, making this a double whammy.

Nvidia has been showing off G-Sync for some time now and the idea is to make variable GPU refresh rates match the monitor fresh rate, instead of having different refresh rates and causing stutter and artefacts. The monitor is slated for Q2 release, so anytime in the next few months we could see it in stores.

ASUS Announces Two New Steam Machines

ASUS announced two Steam Machines at Computex, the ROG GR8 and ROG G20. ROG is the gaming brand ASUS is using for most of the tech at the event, announcing several Windows 8.1 PCs at the event alongside the two Steam Machines. asus-steam-machine

The internals of the Steam Machines are pretty impressive, the lower end ROG GR8 runs an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750T GPU, 1 Gigabit Internet networking, 4K support and SupremeFX audio output. The ROG G20 runs a higher spec Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 GPU and has more room.

Both run Steam OS along with Windows 8.1 and ASUS has created a way to stream video from Android smartphones or tablets. The machines are Steam Controller compatible and will launch in Q3, but the Steam OS version will not be available until 2015 when Valve announces the launch.

SanDisk Shows Off Extreme Pro SSD

sandisk-extreme-pro-ssdSanDisk came to Taipei to announce a new version of their SSD, called Extreme Pro. This range of SSD offers more consistency and avoids peak performance levels, which other SSD manufacturers strive to hit and beat their competitors.

The move to a more consistent SSD is always a good thing, while we would always like to see new record performance levels most SSD cards offer incredible speeds, now its time for SanDisk to make sure they are as consistent as other storage forms.

ASUS Announces GX500 4K Gaming Laptop

The last highlight from Computex for us is back to ASUS, who announced the GX500 gaming laptop. We are very interested in this laptop, not only because the specs are incredible, but because the design is a mix of Razer and Apple and looks gorgeous.


Internally the GX500 is running an Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M GPU. ASUS has added a 4K display to the GX500, making it one of the highest resolution laptops in the world, but this will effect battery life.

The 15-inch gaming laptop is surprisingly thin at 0.75 inches and only weighs 2.2 kilograms. Design looks a bit like a MacBook Air, but the red and black aesthetic give it more of a gaming look, competition for Razer in the high-end market.

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