GTX 980 Ti: A killer 4K GPU at a killer price 0 374

GTX 980 Ti: A killer 4K GPU at a killer price 0 374

The 980 Ti specs, pricing and details have been leaked!


The GPU is seemingly going to have specs good enough to render the $1200 Titan X pointless for all but those who need 12 GB of Vram, at a more modest price of $750. This aligns nicely with what the previous 780 Ti was priced at and will have many of the same bonuses as the 780 Ti did when it came out. This is due to the fact that the 980 Ti has significantly more Cuda cores and ram than the stock GTX 980 does.

Specifically, the 980 Ti is reportedly going to have 2816 Cuda cores, 6 GB’s of GDDR5 ram, 176 TMU’s, and an unknown amount of ROP’s. It is safe to guess that the 980 Ti will have between the 96 ROPs of the Titan X and the 56 of the GTX 970. This line-up of specs are quite impressive, but no longer are “Ti” line of GPU’s full-fledged monsters. Now, the 980 Ti looks to be a rather cut down version of the Titan X with half the Vram and a few less Cuda cores. This is not all bad though, since this 980 Ti should be more than capable at 4k gaming- and is not nearly as much of a wallet killer as the Titan X is. Rumored to be at a price point of $750, the 980 Ti looks like a good option for those wanting 4k gaming, without the whopping price of the Titan X.

The specifics of what make the 980 Ti different from the Titan X are fairly straight-forward. Two of the SMM units have been disabled, and hence the lesser Cuda core count. The 980 Ti is going to have custom GPU cooler and PCB designs upon release, unlike the Titan X which still does not have custom designed coolers yet. This will lead to much better cooling out of the box, rather than relying upon the reference coolers to do the job.

Do you think that the 980 Ti makes sense for 4k gaming? Or for that matter makes sense at all? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below!

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