Gigabyte X99, Z97 And H97 Series Motherboards Ready For Intel’s New 750 Series PCIe SSD 0 760

Gigabyte X99, Z97 And H97 Series Motherboards Ready For Intel’s New 750 Series PCIe SSD 0 760

On 7th April 2015, Gigabyte Technology announced its complete lineup of motherboards designed for compatibility with Intel’s new 750 Series SSD. If you’re wondering why, the answer is that Intel’s new SSD is a real powerful device surpassing all current SSDs of its kind on the market, and who wouldn’t want to have a piece of that action?

If you haven’t heard, Intel’s new 750 Series SSD is a speedy SSD with performance reaching up to 2.4/1.2 GB/s sequential read and write speed respectively. Its random IOPS also contributes to its reputation by reaching 440/290K. And by those speeds, it’s simple not a question of “why?” would they build motherboards around this SSD, but instead “why not?”. And let us not forget, now that PCIe SSDs are gaining some reputation, you can bet that many SSD manufacturers are now adapting.

Intel 750 Series SSD

List Of Motherboards Compatible With Intel’s 750 Series SSD

While the current Gigabyte X99 motherboards are already compatible with this SSD, whereas previous ones unfortunately aren’t. Here is a list from Gigabyte that are compatible with the X99, Z97 and H97:

X99-Gaming 5GA-Z97X-U7 THGA-H97N
X99-Gaming 7 WIFIGA-Z97X-UD5H and UD3HGA-H97-HD3
X99 Gaming G1 WIFIGA-Z97X-SOC Force and Force LN2GA-H97M-D3H
X99M-Gaming 5GA-Z97X-SOCGA-H97M-D3H
X99-SOC ForceGA-Z97X-Gaming GTGA-H97M-D3HP
X99-UD3GA-Z97X-Gaming G1GA-H97M-Gaming 3
X99-UD4GA-Z97X-Gaming 3, 5 and 7GA-H97M-DS3P
X99-UD5 WIFIGA-Z97P-D3GA-H97-Gaming 3
X99 UD7 WIFIGA-Z97N-WIFI and Gaming 5GA-H97-DS3H
X99-Gaming 5PGA-Z97N-Gaming 5GA-H97-D3H
X99-UD3PGA-Z97MX-Gaming 5G1.Sniper H6
X99-UD4PGA-Z97M-DS3H and D3H
GA-Z97-HD3P, HD3 and D3H
G1.Sniper Z97 and Z6

Updates are available for download at Gigabyte’s official site.

Why Adapting To The 750 Series SSD Matter

With the recent announcement from Intel, new generation SSDs will most probably use PCIe Gen3 x 4 with the latest and fastest NVMe controller interface in the near future. This means that regular SSDs could be phased out slowly. This is due to their SATA connection and old AHCI protocol which hinders the maximum potential speed of all regular SSDs. While SATA 3’s interface actually is already a speedy one with up to 6 GB/s, however the PCI Gen 3 interface passes it by a mile with an astonishing 8GB/s per lane, in which would then allow up to 32 GB/s on x4 PCIe SSDs. This means that for PC building enthusiasts, gamers, and for workstations, this new Intel 750 Series SSD is a dream to catch. However, the dream has a price and it’s at $0.86/GB.

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