Essential Overclocking Tools Everyone Needs 0 492

Essential Overclocking Tools Everyone Needs 0 493

Overclocking over the years has become increasingly popular and with that naturally comes the use of essential tools to assist in doing so.

Whether you’re a Intel or AMD User, I have rounded up a short list of essential overclocking tools.

Essential Stability Testing Tools


Its been around as long as I can remember and is one of the best when it comes to stress testing your overclocks. It works by processing intensive mathematical sums and equations placing extensive load on your RAM, CPU and Power Supply.

Most people including myself suggest running prime95 for a minimum of 12 – 24 hours, If your computer crashes or produces a BSOD (blue screen of death) then you know your overclock is unstable. This is an amazing tool that every overclocker needs.

Download from website

AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 is a rock solid stability tester. While Prime95 has been around for as long as I can remember, AIDA64 is absolutely rock solid although it does not push tempretures nearly as high as Prime with current generation Intel Processors it’s still relied upon by many overclockers.

Download from website

Reporting Tools


CPU-Z is a live reporting desktop application that allows you to see more information about your RAM, Motherboard, processor clock rates, voltages and even bus speeds. It’s easy to use with zero installation and really out shines any other live reporting tool out there.

Download from website

Hardware Monitor

Hardware Monitor is an all-round perfect reporting application which allows you not only to monitors your voltages and tempretures but it will even give you their maximum and minimum over time. Hardware monitor is perfect for overclockers wanting to monitor even the small details.

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RealTemp is a cpu reporting application that reports tempretures, voltages, current load, core clock speed as well as providing a small benchmark provided by XS.

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Live Overclocking Tools

CPU Tweaker

This nifty little desktop application provides all the features you would expect when working from the bios, It can be good for testing new overclocks on the fly.

Rather then being focused on one platform (AMD/INTEL), CPU tweaker is a more generic tool with a wider compatibility range.

Download from website

Intel Desktop Control Center

The Intel Desktop Control Center is an official overclocking tool for Intel processors. It has the ability to overclock your CPU with a simple click of the mouse, memory control settings and reports. The only downside to this tool is its limited to socked 1156 / 1366 that are running the DX8SO, DP55SB, DP55KB Chipsets.

This is a real shame because this tool shows a lot of promise

Download from website

AMD Overdrive

What ever Intel does AMD are bound to follow, AMD Overdrive is a cpu overclocking tool solely for AMD users. it provides an extensive tool set to modify your system from the comfort of your windows desktop. It has an impressive array of options and tweak from fan monitor, voltages, buses, the ability to change cpu clock speed, multipliers and voltages for the CPU, Memory and HT technology.

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PC Benchmarking Tools

3D Mark

3D Mark

While not strictly a stability testing tool, The 3d Mark suite of video stress testing tools does a great job of placing load on your graphics card and provides a quick, accessible and free way for gpu overclockers to check their performance gains.

This is an essential tool that any serious overclocking gamer needs to have in his arsenal.

Download from website

Andy has been building custom PCs since the young age of 10, Now 27, when he is not overclocking, gaming or travelling the world surfing, he persues a passionate career in web development.

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