Broadwell releasing June 2nd at Computex 0 377

Broadwell releasing June 2nd at Computex 0 378

Information has been leaked about the upcoming Broadwell CPU’s, that names June 2 as the release date of the i7-5775C and the i5-5675C.

The new Broadwell CPU’s are to have a June 2nd release date

Due to Computex being the same day as the launch of Broadwell it could vastly improve publicity, and many of the specs for the i7 and i5 have been reportedly been revealed ahead of schedule. In addition to being on a new architecture, the new CPUs will have DDR3 support, as a drop in upgrade on the LGA 1150 socket. It is unknown whether the Broadwell CPU’s will support the Z87 chipset, but it is more than likely that Broadwell will support the Z97 chipset.

The Broadwell CPUs are marginally better than the current i7 4790k & i5 4690k in specs, with a slightly lower clock speed and somewhat more cache. Specifically, the i7 5775C has 6 Mb of L3 cache, a stock clock speed of 3.3 Ghz, and Hyperthreading. The i5 5675C has 4 Mb L3 cache, a stock clock of 3.1 Ghz and has no Hyperthreading support. Both of the Broadwell CPU’s are quad-core, and also feature the new Iris Pro 6200 iGPU on board. The CPU’s are also both 65 watt chips, down from 95 or 88 watt TDP’s of previous generation i7 and i5 CPU’s.

The Iris Pro 6200 is somewhat impressive, with 48 EU units, 64 Mb of eDram (L4) cache, and a 128-bit bus. If previous Iris Pro GPU’s are any example, this new GPU could perhaps be a fairly powerful gaming solution at 1080p. Perhaps the new Iris Pro iGPU will be a great media center, console, or light gaming GPU for those in need of a fairly low-cost, relatively high-performance GPU.

Broadwell improvements

Also, the new CPU’s are very good at overclocking. Some veteran overclockers have hit massive speeds, including over 5 Ghz on air cooling alone! This is amazing, and Broadwell can overclock much better than even Devil’s Canyon can! This could lead to Intel having some serious records being broken with Broadwell, since the new chips overclock this well!

Broadwell overclocking!

So far, Broadwell looks like an interesting new architecture from Intel. While it does not seem like much of an improvement, perhaps the improvements from Haswell-R to to Broadwell will be 15% or more per core. While Broadwell does not support DDR4, it will have a new iGPU on board which is great news for budget PC’s. What do you think? Is Broadwell going to be awesome? Or will it be a simple update, like 45 nm to 32 nm? Leave your thoughts on the new architecture down below!

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