Bioware Release Official Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer that Will Blow you Away 0 323

Bioware Release Official Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer that Will Blow you Away 0 323

One of the most anticipated fantasy role playing games of the year will finally be amongst us PC gamers on the 21st November 2014, Bioware uploaded an official gameplay trailer today titled “A Wonderful World” and boy what a wonderful world it truly is.

Dragon Age Gameplay World set to Amaze Gamers

Having watched the Dragon Age Inquisition official trailer repeatedly all day, I am pretty sure the PC version is going to blow next generation consoles such at the PS4 and XBONE out of the water in terms of visual glitter.

With current high-end videos cards being so much powerful compared to next-generation console APU’s, I suspect that view distances are going to be greatly increased along with HDR lighting effects and sprites paving the way for some seriously impressive moments and cut scenes (of which some will be pretty tasteful).

Overall I am expecting extremely immersive and visually stunning gameplay from the new installment especially on multi-monitor crossfire / SLI setups, I am not sure if my rig is quite up to playing it at full settings, but I for one will be glued to my screen on the 21st November streaming gameplay live!

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I have already pre-ordered my copy of Dragon Age Inquisition and preloaded it ready for release on the 21st, I feel like a child on Christmas eve trying to get to sleep.

Stupidly, I thought Dragon Age was XBOX ONE only

When I attended EGX(Euro Gamer Expo) earlier this year, I was under the impression the game was XBOX only with Microsoft being the only stools to have working demos.

While this is totally my fault (stupid me) for not researching earlier I was pleasantly surprised to see origin selling the PC version (albeit 3 days later than console).

This is one game I really will sorry for the console gamers, as I am sure they will receive a toned down visual experience compared to gaming PC setups.

Have you pre-ordered Dragon Age Already?. Let us know in the comments what you are most looking forward to!

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