AMD Officially Shows Off Carrizo APU Sample Chip 0 515

AMD Officially Shows Off Carrizo APU Sample Chip 0 515

John Byrne, SVP and GM of AMD Computing & Graphics Business Unit, revealed the first sample of the company’s next-generation Carrizo Advanced Processing Unit(APU) in a video which was posted on AMD’s official YouTube page.

We already know that things nowadays hardly remain a secret for very long and so this APU is no exception, there are two very important key points mentioned in the video found at the bottom of this post by John Byrne, the most important of these two points is that the AMD Carrizo APU is going to be available in two variants; Carrizo-L (Budget) and the Carrizo which will be used in high-performance netbooks and all-in-one units.

One of the main differences between AMD’s two new APU chips is that the Carrizo-L is going to feature existing PUMA Cores while the Carrizo will ship with new Excavator core – the rumored desktop counterpart is will use the FM2+ socket .

AMD Carrizo-L and Carrizo coming 2015

The second important thing revealed in the video was that both these variants are going to be available during the first half of 2015 and working samples for both the variants are already available with AMD. Unfortunately we will have to wait till ISSCC 2015 which is scheduled for February 2015 to get some insight into the more juicy details but it is quite interesting to finally hear something official on Carrizo APU.

As mentioned above, there will be two variants and the Carrizo-L will be the entry-level and mainstream notebook chip while the Carrizo APU for high-performance and AIO products will be known as Carrizo.

BGA Form factor

In addition to this, we are also hearing rumors that there is also going to be a desktop version which will be called Carrizo-D however no such thing has been mentioned by AMD in the video. It was also revealed in the video that the Carrizo APU and Carrizo-L APU are going to be available in BGA form factor.

Sticking to the legitimacy of the video then it is important to note that there isn’t going to be any sort of HBM or stacked DRAM technology available on Carrizo. This means that we are going to have to wait a bit longer till we can see that in action.

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