Amazon Fire TV Stick Sucker Punches Chromecast 0 457

Amazon Fire TV Stick Sucker Punches Chromecast 0 457

Amazon have really been trying to take over the our televisions recently with their pretty amazing Prime TV subscription service and the Amazon Fire TV box, however Amazon are taking it a step further with a tiny USB thumb drive sized key that simply plugs into any spare HDMI port and provides you with tv viewing pleasure while simultaneously kicking Chromecast in the Gonads!.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick which holds inside a dual-core processor, 1gb of ram and 8GB of storage is more than 50 percent more powerful than Google’s alternative Chromecast which is a pretty bold statement and an obvious marketing tactic to make Chromecast look like the weaker alternative (Well, it kind of is already without the smart marketing right?).

amazon fire tv comparison

The Fire TV stick really packs a punch for its size serving over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, millions of songs, and hundreds of games direct to your big screen and in HD!.

Free Amazon Prime 30-Day Trial

fire stick tv controller

For those of you who have not experienced Amazon’s Prime service, the Fire stick comes with a 30 day free trial enabling you to watch thousands of popular movies and TV episodes including award-winning series from HBO, plus listen to your favourite songs with Amazons brand new Prime Music.

Discount for Prime Subscribers

For existing Prime subscribers, You can benefit from purchasing the Fire TV Stick at a reduced price of $19, which considering it has a Dual-core processor, 1GB Ram and 8GB of storage is not a bad price at all.

Not only is Amazon Fire TV Stick as small as any other usb storage device you carry around in your pocket but it comes with a controller as well, allowing you to control the tv from the comfort of your arm-chair or carry it around on the go and potentially use it anywhere you have any access to a PC, which is even better news for you tv addicts who can’t live without your favourite shows.

With a much much wider support for games, a larger access to TV shows its very possible that Amazon might just have cracked the portable internet TV scene but only time will tell. Preorder Amazon’s Fire TV stick and it will be shipped on 19th November 2014.

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